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Honer Bathroom (c) 2007 Asheboro, NC

This custom bath room was a turn-key operation for Star Tile Works. We designed fabricated and installed this custom bath for Mr. and Mrs. Honer. The Honers wanted a abstract mountain horizon scene with a dog wood theme incorporated. For this bath we used 8"x8" terra-cotta floor tiles with a 2" offset pattern. The offset used a green, a white and a dog wood 2"x2" tile. We also incorporated a custom shower shadow line into the floor to prevent water from getting into the rest of the room since their is no shower curtain in this bath. The walls are 4"x4" tiles in a multi color blend of greens, blues, purples and pinks creating a truly beautiful mountain horizon. We continued the dog wood them into the walls with three 12"x12" hand-made trip-tics of dog wood trees. The final detail is the beautiful window surround that has a large hand carved dog wood flower in each corner and just out side the window is a hansom young dogwood tree to bring the whole theme together. This project is truly one of a kind and was a wonderful experience for the company.

Bob Adams Restoration (c) 2007 Bethania, NC

The Bob Adams House was originally built (c) 1775 by a Moravian Gunsmith named Jacob Loesch We were asked to do the restoration of the tile after the home was severely damage by fire. The inter roof was removed and the pitch was change to match the original Moravian style Bob had found some old tiles in the basement and asked us if we could replace them. We began the restoration process by locating a local source of the clay that was the same as the original clay used in the tiles manufacturing some time around 1774. Bob a true historian choose us because he new that we as craftsmen would use tridational methods of production to replicate the tiles. Every tile is hand textured and finished to match the original designs of the Moravians. To be part of a project like this is truly a great honer to be able to help preseve our past so that we may brighten our future.

Amberly Swimming Pool (c) 2007 Cary, NC

This custom swimming pool island was created for the Amberly community in 2006-2007. Star Tile Works was commissioned by local Artist Carl Regutti to fabricate and install a logo mural on swimming pool island. The island has three Magnolias on it composed of custom glazed tiles to match the Amberly logo. The field tiles of the island are a wood fired blend of our buff clay body to give the island a sandy beach look and feel. The project was a great success for us allowing our public art to enter the residential environment in a prominent space that everyone in the community can enjoy.

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